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Nobody Knows What I Believe

Everything you didnt want to know and never asked.

Dan Kinzel
29 January
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i work as a delivery expert for domino's pizza. pays good. I drive a 2002 Dodge Neon SXT. I like to go out and party. one of my life goals is to be the guy at the baseball game who gets to walk up and down the asile screaming "ICE COLD BEER!" i want to do that just once, so that i can say i did.
45, a-10 warthogs, aida, alcohol, all your base, anti-emo, archery, arguments, bartending, bass, bassists, beer, big words, billiards, billy joel, booze, bow hunting, bowling, boxing, brad stewart, buddha, burning witches, caffeine, cats, chain smoking, chinese food, cigarettes, cigars, classic cars, classic rock, coca cola, coffee, cognac, college football, compound bows, corvettes, crossfade, daggers, dead parrots, death, diablo 2, dieing, dr. pepper, dr. zoidberg, drinking, elton john, entrepenuership, final fantasy, fire, fletching, flying, gambling, grey goose, halo, hockey, horror movies, horses, hostile takeovers, humor, hunting, indiana jones, james bond, jazz, jousting, knights who say ni, knives, leave a whisper, lizards, m1 garand, martial arts, michigan, military history, money, monopoly, monty python, mortal kombat, movie quotes, movies, music, musical theater, myself, nascar, nirvana, no address, oriental food, pac man, painful death, parties, pesticide, piano, pizza, poker, pool, punk, pyromania, queen, ramen noodles, rock, rock concerts, rocky horror picture show, ron white, rum, runescape, sais, sarcasm, scaring people, science fiction, scotch, scotland, shakespeare, shinedown, silly walks, simple man, ska, skindred, slow death, soccer, songwriting, spector basses, sports cars, staves, stranger inside, super orgy porno party, sweet tea, swords, tae kwon do, tequilla, the delegates, the meaning of life, the planet smashers, the spanish inquisition, the unforgiven 2, the word smite, theory of a deadman, thunderstorms, time doesn't notice, time travel, two dollar bills, uromastyx, velvet revolver, vocals, vodka, war, whiskey, world domination, writing, x-wings, xbox, zig, zippos